Delta Application Whitelisting as a Service

Application whitelisting as a Service is designed to prevent malicious software or unauthorised applications from executing on a system.  Put simply, it isn’t authorised to run—it won’t run. Period! Application whitelisting is NOT signature or heuristic based anti-virus.  It is the opposite.

Application Whitelisting as a strategy has been recognized by many leading security agencies as one of the most effective methods to combat cyber security incidents.

Delta Managed Application Whitelisting as a Service removes the complexity from traditional implementations of whitelisting, whilst offering industry leading protection from targeted cyber intrusions.  Designed to reduce complexity whilst offering maximum protection, Delta Application Whitelisting as a Service offers one of the most effective strategies to minimize the risk of cyber security incidents.

Managed end to end with 24/7 x 365 days a year coverage, Delta Application Whitelisting as a Service offers the best protection from Ransomware and other malicious software on the market.


Baseline building to capture your normal operating environment.Application Captures to enable new applications to be added to your solutions set.One time PADs, allow ad hoc installation of one off Applications.Audit mode to capture what’s normal and identify what’s not.
Enforcement mode to enforce whitelist policies and block everything else.Management Reports for high level view of the state of application usage.Detailed Reporting showing all untrusted executions on a network.View Network connections being made by applications.
Hash based . Each individual executable is trusted, not entire applications.Publisher Trusts allow you to trust all files from known and verified publishers.Granular Path Exclusions allows path exclusions from whitelist enforcement.Bulk Adds to Application captures making whitelist maintenance a breeze.
Uses a 5MB agent, with next to zero impact on endpoint resources.Monitored 24/7 x 365 days per yearCheck files against known malicious hashes to aid decision makingEnhancements available though Delta imanager