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How to Defend against Ransomware with Application Whitelisting

Ransomware Continues to plague cybersecurity organisations all across Australia. According to Business News Australia, Small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Australia and New Zealand hold the highest rate of Ransomware attacks in the world.  The best way to combat the rising ransomware attacks is through effective Application Whitelisting In the first quarter of 2020, ransom demands made […]

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Four Tips to Combat Compromised Credentials

Contributing Author Brett Williams , APAC Solutions Architect, Flashpoint discusses the key steps needed to protect against a compromised credential breach. In many cases, passwords are the primary line of defence protecting user accounts from being hijacked in an account takeover (ATO) attack. With the right policies and parameters in place to ensure strong, unique passwords, […]


Mitigate Security Risks On-Premise and in the Cloud with StealthBits new release StealthAUDIT 10.0

  Stealthbits recently announced the release of their most ambitious and impressive security platform – StealthAUDIT v10. With security professionals across the world struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing pressure to defend their organisations from evolving and sophisticated threat attacks, its essential to have visibility into every part of their systems.  With StealthAUDIT v10, […]


Is your Organisation Ready for Remote Workers?   5 Strategies to create a cyber resilient Remote worker Policy 

  By Alexander Duffy   The World Head Organisation (WHO) has officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic. With multiple countries in quarantine, the global work force is becoming increasingly confined to work from their homes. Organisations who were previously not prepared for this shift in the workforce are now left with a need to support remote workers while maintaining business as usual.   Some organisations especially in finance and […]

emt Distribution signs Layer 8 Security to address the human dimension of cyber risk prevention

Reseller partners can offer first fully measurable Security Behaviour Framework and Cyber Escape Room training adventures in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Adelaide, Australia – 18 February 2020: Cyber security software specialist, emt Distribution, today announced an agreement with Australian company, Layer 8 Security to offer a complete suite of security awareness solutions leveraging progressive […]