The Australian Cyber Conference 2021 – Virtual Edition ran from the 15th-17th of November. CyberCon 2021 provided business leaders with insights and best practices demonstrated by cyber industry leaders, in both live and recorded formats.

The conference consisted of exhibitions examining the management of current threats, and preparation to deal with emerging challenges. Alongside our vendors – ZeroFox and Netwrix – CyberCon provided an opportunity to explore the latest security trends and threats facing Australian businesses.

emt Distribution’s Ricky Calder presented “Secure access to data and infrastructure: Active Directory security and management” on behalf of Netwrix. The presentation discussed how Active Directory management & security can mitigate security breaches.

Ricky’s presentation discussed Active Directory Management for mitigation of breaches – including 5 major steps for AD security:

  1. Inventory of all objects, policies & configurations to obtain a complete view of the AD footprint
  2. Analyse the relationships between objects, permissions & rights to prioritise risk mitigation
  3. Clean up stale and unneeded objects to limit exposure to breaches
  4. Monitor changes & access to critical assets
  5. Protect critical assets from unauthorised change and access, remediate vulnerabilities, and prevent credential abuse.

Stealthbit’s StealthAUDIT provides Active Directory, Security, and Identity Management professionals an exceptional AD auditing tool – a comprehensive collection of auditing, analysis, reporting, and remediation capabilities available for Active Directory.

emt Distribution’s newest vendor – ZeroFox – also took part in AISA CyberCon this year. CEO James Foster presented “Targeted Credential Stuffing: Implication & Defenses for a Surging External Threat”.

Credential stuffing refers to the automated process of inserting breached usernames and password pairs to illegally gain access into user accounts. These spilled credentials are automatically entered into sites. Systems and applications until they potentially match with an existing account – this grants access to the attacker.

ZeroFox’s solution provides defense against targeted credential stuffing – through active protection, intelligence, and disruption. Identify and thwart external threats to your enterprise, executives, and data across the public attack surface.

AISA CyberCon provided a great opportunity for both Netwrix and ZeroFox to demonstrate their leadership in cybersecurity solutions. Both sessions are now on-demand on AISA’s portal for the next three months.