Cybonet Outbound Spam Guard

Outbound Spam Guard

Outbound Spam Guard (OSG)

Outbound Spam Guard is carrier grade protection against unwanted or malicious outbound emails.  OSG scans and blocks up to 99% of outbound spam.  It is easy to deploy, functions as a transparent proxy and keeps the Service Provider informed in real time of what IP address or hosts are being controlled by botnets within their network.

OSG is the ideal solution to help neutralize botnet activity within a Service Provider’s network.


  • Improved IP and ISP Reputation

    Blocks up to 99.8% outbound spam so that IP addresses are not reported to, or removed from blacklists.

  • Detailed Real Time Statistics

    Graphical and textual statistics for Service Provider’s outbound email traffic

  • Neutralise Botnets Within ISP Network

    Real time knowledge of infected PCs in network enables ability to quickly address infected PCs.

  • Maximise you use of IPs

    Reduce and eliminate number of black listed IPs and even leverage Port 25 for visiting companies that must use their own email system.

  • Compatible with Virtual Platforms

    Available as software for platforms such as VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix Xenserver.

  • Improve Bandwidth Consumption

    Make better use of bandwidth consumption by significantly reducing unwanted traffic.

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Carrier Grade

Outbound Spam Guard when deployed on a standard 1u Server easily handles 2+ Class B subnets and up to 10,000+ SMTP sessions per second. The OSG has the ability to process billions of messages daily and is robust enough to handle peak load “botnet bursts”.

Spam Protection

OSG’s multi-layer screening is based on botnet behavioral characteristics. CYBONET Sub Layer IP Screening Technology also includes an additional recurrent pattern detection content inspections engine. By limiting screening activities to behavioral characteristics, the OSG limits false positives that could be associated with deep content inspection of outbound emails.


OSG reporting allows for real time visibility into Service Provider’s outbound SMTP traffic. Granular level functionality provides the quick identification of infected IPs that are being used to send spam and allows the Service Provider to quickly neutralize the immediate threat.