emt Distribution – Focused Cyber Security Software Distribution in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific

emt Distribution partners with
BlackBerry to bring Cybersecurity
solutions to ANZ, inclusive of
their Cylance range

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emt Distribution partners with
CoreView in Asia-Pacific, bringing
partners automation, license
optimisation, deep visibility
and perfectly delegated permissions
across Microsoft 365

emt Distribution partners with
BlackBerry to bring Cybersecurity
solutions to ANZ, inclusive of
their Cylance range

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emt Distribution partners with
BlackBerry to extend Cybersecurity
solutions in Australia and New
Zealand, inclusive of their
Cylance range - powered by AI

iboss partners with emt Distribution
to provide their Zero Trust
architecture across Australia
New Zealand, Hong Kong and

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Axiomatics partners with
emt Distribution to
provide dynamic,
real-time authorisation

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Announcing New Vendor:
ZeroFox partners with emt Distribution
in ANZ to provide actionable intelligence

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ASD Compliance

Need to comply with the
Australian Signals Directorate's Top 4?

Let emt Distribution and our partners help you get there.
Application Whitelisting built ground up to address controls in the ISM
Patch Management - Verified and rated
Enterprise Privileged Account Management

Application Whitelisting

Patch Management

Privileged Account Management

Bringing Vendors to Australia

Vendors Closer

emt Distribution acts as a vendor
representative providing local marketing,
procurement and technical services.

We ensure our partners and vendors
have the support and resources they need
to help you deliver the right solutions to
your customers.

emt Distribution focuses on providing
a portfolio of innovative products and solutions
to help address the Australian Signals Directorate
37 Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Intrusions

Eye on Security

Catch Patch Match

4 Mitigation Strategies
to help prevent successful
cyber attacks

According to the ASD, 4 strategies, if implemented
effectively, can mitigate 85% of intrusion techniques
they respond to - dubbed Catch, Patch, Match!

emt Distribution provides solutions that directly address
these 4 strategies - including Australian made application
whitelisting from Airlock Digital.

Catch Patch Match
Anatomy of a Hack


The Anatomy of a
Privileged Account Hack

Learn how attackers exploit and elevate
privileges and how to reduce your risks

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