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Helping your clients win the race against today’s advanced threat landscape requires a new breed of security solutions and a new kind of security partner.

VIPRE knows advanced malware. VIPRE’s extensive expertise researching, analyzing and remediating malware has led to the development of the technologies and solutions your customers need to defend their network in an increasingly dangerous online world. Now more than ever, your customers are aware of the cyber threats they face, creating tremendous opportunity for you – if your solutions portfolio includes the latest security technologies.

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Capitalize on the rising demand for the latest cyber defenses by joining the VIPRE’s Partner Program. You’ll gain access to an extensive array of advanced cybersecurity solutions, exclusive lead-generation activities, sales and technical enablement, marketing collateral, Marketing Development Funds, deal registration and much more.  Read more for a full description of benefits.

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Rewarding Attainments Goals✔
VIPRE Partner Toolkit Access
Self-serve Marketing Collateral and Logos
Partner Newsletter
Deal Registration Profit Multiplier
Dedicated Lead Assist Trial Link for Lead Gen
Quarterly Business Planning and Review
Strategic Account Management
Pre-sales Engineering Support
NFR Keys
Annual Partner Conference
Lead Sharing Elligible
Custom Collateral
Market Development Funds (MDF)
Joint Webinars