Supporting resellers

Helping resellers meet the demand for better security

The need for security isn’t something unusual. Across every vertical, people are looking for ways to protect against the latest threats. To minimise their exposure. And to do it all without huge capital expense or crippling levels of management.

At emt Distribution, we select our vendors based on this real customer demand. And we give our resellers all the support they need to meet that demand with the best possible products.

For our resellers, we aim not to be just one of many software distributors selling a large portfolio of products. Our focus is as a security software distributor, building long-term relationships with our partners and gaining a deep understanding of partner and customer painpoints to better bring appropriate solutions to market.

We’re always actively looking for these types of strategic alliances. If you’re a reseller or consultant looking for a distributor to provide you with a portfolio of leading solutions please contact us – We’d love to talk to you.

We provide…

  • Ongoing partner training

    Across sales and support, you’ll always be armed with the information you need to help your customers. And reach new ones.

  • Enablement tools

    Everything you need to launch new products in your business, then educate, inform, and convert prospects into customers.

  • Actionable leads

    Sourced by emt, all you need to do is follow-up, close the deal, and reap the rewards.

  • Marketing campaigns

    The sort of marketing that keeps business moving. Without the headache and expense of running it yourself.

  • Deal registration and protection

    Your hard work means everything to us. So we’ll make sure you’re always fairly compensated for everything you do.