Threat Detection

With over 20 million new pieces of malware being produced every 3 months globally, and targeted cyber intrusions across the full spectrum of business and government on the increase, detecting threats and mitigating them is more important than ever.

From known threats to unknown new and evolving techniques of malicious attacks and insider threats, organizations need to deploy the right solutions and technologies to identify and help mitigate the constant barrage.

Threat detection solutions range from broad spectrum to lazer focus, depending on an entities needs.

Products in our portfolio which enable Threat Detection:

Delta_Logo_icon Delta iManager (Network security and operation performance analysis)
opswat_logo_bug Metadefender Core
ThreatSecure (Advanced threat detection)
ThreatSecure Network (Network malware detection and protection)
vipre_icon VIPRE EndPoint Security (USB control, web protection, MDM, Antivirus)
NINJA RMM icon NINJA RMM (Remote Monitoring, Management and Security for MSPs and Corporate IT)