Award-winning cyber security monitoring for every business

What can bluedog Security do for your business?

blue dog security provides cost-effective, advanced network protection  to organisations of every size – big and small!   bluedog is the only monitoring solution provider backed by a real team of cyber experts. bluedog’s offerings are changing the cybersecurity market by offering enterprise-grade security at an entry-level price.

Bluedog’s Microsoft® 365 Monitoring can protect your staff and information wherever they are!

Microsoft 365 Security Monitoring

bluedog provides Enterprise Grade security for  Microsoft® 365 tenancy at an entry level price. Starting with monitoring, anamolies are immediately reported to a 24/7/365 SOC  and issues are quickly and effectively remediated. Ensure that your remote users have the same protection as those working within your office network

Managed Detection and Response

bluedog’s cybersecurity experts protect organistations around the clock. With real-time reporting, mitigation and remediation, it’s an additional layer of security and network compliance. Modules include  Incident Management, Vulnerability Management, Patch Management, Configuration Management & Change Management.

Managed or Dedicated SOC

A bluedog Managed or Dedicated SOC allows you to create a SOC or NOC for a fraction of the cost of trying to create one in your own country without the associated hassle and management overload.

Vulnerability Scans & Pen Testing

bluedog uses a unique approach to prepare, execute and deliver the best possible penetration testing.  The entire pen-testing process is closely governed and controlled by skilled professionals with dozens of years of experience in the field and no matter the type of test, bluedog delivers evidence-based reports for not just technical risk management but also business risk management.

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