Vulnerability Management

Businesses need a proactive approach in the management of their operational software, applications, and infrastructure systems. Keeping up with enormous number of security vulnerabilities as they are released is very challenging for most security teams. Security personnel need to be better informed about the raft of potential vulnerabilities and threats that they face, to ensure the appropriate actions can be taken.

Vulnerability Management Solutions typically fall into one of 2 categories. Reactive and Proactive.

Reactive solutions typically make use of audit and/or scanning functionality to determine the vulnerabilities that can be detected within an environment. Reactive solutions require the associated scan engine and/or signatures to be updated before being able effectively to detect new vulnerabilities within your environment.

Proactive solutions make use of a source(s) of vulnerability intelligence to identify vulnerabilities that could have an effect on your operational systems. The challenge with this approach is filtering through the intelligence sources to understand which vulnerabilities are relevant to your environment and to ensure the intelligence received is standardised, verified and is from a trusted source.

Products in our portfolio which address vulnerability management.

securia-menu-iconFlexera Vulnerability Manager (Vulnerability Management)

Acunetix by Invicti (Web Vulnerability Scanner)acunetix_icon

Woodpeckerhead_iconPicus Security (Asses Network Security Devices’ cyber threat mitigation readiness)