Endpoint Security

In security-speak computers and mobile devices are referred to as endpoints. Endpoint security is a concept where each endpoint is responsible for its own security and that remotely connecting to the network creates a potential entry point for security threats.

Endpoint Security came into being due to a shift in what is consider a network’s perimeter. More people are using remote access methods to connect to corporate networks from a myriad of locations and devices.

All this mobility means the network perimeter is no longer defined. That makes it impossible for centralized security devices to completely protect computers. Endpoint security supplements the effort, allowing computers to help defend themselves.

Products in our portfolio which address Endpoint Security:

airlock_digital_icon  Airlock Digital (Application whitelisting)
Delta_Logo_icon Delta AWaaS (Application Whitelisting as a Service)
epp_icon Endpoint Protector (Dataloss Protection and MDM)
opswat_logo_bug Metadefender Endpoint Management
securia-menu-icon  Flexera Corporate Software Inspector (Application patching)
 VIPRE Antivirus  (Antivirus, MDM and 3rd party patching)