Delta imanager does more than monitor and manage. Delta imanager gives you world class network performance and cyber threat analytics, pin point alerting and reporting, 24 x 7, 365 days of the year.  Delta imanager is monitoring as a service – at the top of its game.  Through big data analytics, foundation of artificial intelligence, and the human over-watch element, Delta imanager is able to process millions of data points every day to deliver a clear and concise understanding of what is normal, and what is not.

From actionable intelligence and remediation on hardware and software issues to cyber security protection and cyber threat analytics , Delta imanager has been helping managed service providers and IT admins deliver premium customer service for over 10 years.


    • Monitoring, management and remediation – imanager helps you maximize up time, system performance, continuity and security.
    • Big data analytics – imanager takes complex volumes of data and turn it into meaningful, coherent and actionable information.
    • Foundation of Artificial intelligence backed by human monitored event notifications (Symbiotic Intelligence) – ensures you don’t miss a critical system or security event and don’t get flooded with irrelevant noise.
    • Real time actionable insights into network issues, performance and security issues, in easily digestible alerts and reports – imanager reduces the effort you need to act on business critical issues.
    • 24 x 7 x 365 days a year – Delta never stops, even when everyone else has gone home.

Monitoring, Management, RemediationApplication Whitelisting, Patch Management, Vulnerability Scanning, Managed Anti-Virus and BackupSecurity Information and Event ManagementAltering, Reporting and Delta Connect escalation
Big data analytics of events and security informationArtificial Intelligence for noise reduction, data correlation, behavioral and pattern analysis, and alertsHuman monitored for redundancy and critical alert notification assistance24/7/365 days a year