Acunetix Web Vulnerability and Network Scanning solution is a fully automated all-in-one web application security solution that allows web developers to perform black-box, gray-box, client-side, and out-of-band web application scanning.

Acunetix is the pioneer in automated web application security and scanners.  Get access to premium features like PCI DSS Compliance, API Integration with numerous platforms like Jira, Azure, DevOps, GitHub, are all included if start your free trial now!

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Acunetix v13 scans and identifies up to 80% of vulnerabilities in the first 20% of the scan thanks to Acunetix’s unique scanning algorithms and the fastest scanning engine.

Acunetix v13 offers the benefits of :

–  a fully automated scanning tool that frees up your developer team’s time and resources

– lower than average false positives so your IT team does not waste time trying to find non-existent issues.

– Lighting fast crawler and scanner that can crawl hundreds of thousands of pages with no interruptions.

–  Comprehensive vulnerability management and compliance reporting functionality.
–  Classify, prioritize, and retest issues with Incremental Scanning.

– Integrate with issue trackers and continuous integration solutions.

Premium Features (not included in Standard)

  • Unlimited users + user roles, privileges and target groups
  • Compliance Reports (PCI DSS, ISO27001, Owasp and many more)
  • Scanning for over 50,000 Network vulnerabilities
  • API Integration (Jira, Azure, DevOps, GitHub)

Acunetix v13 is an integral part of nearly 4000+ organisations worldwide including U.S Airforce, Joomla, Xerox, AWS and many more.

emt Distribution believes every organisation deserves the best defences possible to mitigate the risk of cybersecurity incidents. emt distribution is a top tier distributor for Acunetix in Australia and New Zealand and works with our channel partners to ensure they receive all the assistance, information, solutions and positive outcomes needed

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