Temasoft Ranstop



Companies of all sizes rely on digital documents to run their businesses.  Many of these files are critical to the business and of paramount importance.  With the flood of malware, ransomware and cyber criminal attacks, insider threats and misuse of proprietary information or plain accidental disclosure,  it is essential these files are monitored and protected.  TEMASOFT work around the clock to provide the best solutions for the monitoring and protection of business critical documents.


Continuously monitor valuable files for integrity and access data.


Analyze the file monitoring data to detect anomalies or potentially malicious or inappropriate actions that need immediate attention.


Protect your important documents and files against ransomware, misuse, and accidental loss.

TEMASOFT RAN$TOPanti-ransomware software, is capable of blocking ransomware and also restores personal files in case of malware attacks or accidental loss.

TEMASOFT FileMonitor, an advanced real-time file monitoring software, enables you to track file activity on Windows and Linux machines to detect data breaches and prove compliance.

DocSecurity, an upcoming product, allows you to fully protect important documents against leakage and misuse, without impacting productivity.