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Managing software vulnerabilities in today’s threat environment can be overwhelming. The number of patches you need to deploy each month is already vast and it continues to grow every day. The only way to keep your IT estate safe is to prioritize patching based on business risk, which requires broad and deep insight into the vulnerabilities themselves.

Recent guidelines and changes in the ACSC and ASD Essential Eight require a more stringent and granular patching and vulnerability management strategy. This E-book describes today’s current threat landscape, key trends in managing your patch deployments and best practices to patch effectively.

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About Software Vulnerability Manager

Get effective software vulnerability management and security patch management processes that reduce security risk by enabling prioritization and optimization of processes for managing software vulnerabilities to mitigate exposures, before the likelihood of exploitation increases.

  • Assess, prioritize and fix software vulnerabilities before risk increases
  • Gain visibility over your software vulnerability management processes
  • Understand and prioritize the criticality of patches applicable to your environment leveraging our vulnerability and threat intelligence insights
  • Leverage the largest set of third-party patches on the market
  • Mitigate software vulnerabilities faster with intelligent patch automation
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About Flexera

Flexera helps executives succeed at what once seemed impossible: getting clarity into, and full control of, their company’s technology “black hole.” From on-premise to the cloud, Flexera helps business leaders turn IT insight into action. With a portfolio of integrated solutions that deliver unparalleled technology insights, spend optimisation, and agility, Flexera helps enterprises optimise their technology footprint and realize IT’s full potential to accelerate their business.

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