Network Security Testing Platform

Picus helps enterprises increase and maintain their security level using real world samples to test the effectiveness of their cyber security infrastructure.

Perception is NOT reality.  Companies invest significantly in well-known technologies to help defend against both external and internal threats.  However, instead of the 80% to 99% effectiveness against real-world attacks, the reality is closer to 38%.

How do you know solutions are appropriate, configurations have been optimized and hardened without being attacked?

Picus allows you to:

  • Assess cyber threat readiness using over 1200 CURRENT samples
  • Reveal security effectiveness for each network segment.
  • Test network security systems in depth with no impact on company assets.
  • Continuously scan for ongoing assessment – Security is a journey, not a product.

“Picus is the first tool of its kind that helps me to analyze my organizations security level continuously.“

Finansbank Security Systems Expert

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