Predictive Cybersecurity through Threat Intelligence and Scenarios

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is a vital process for interfering with cyber-attacks. CTI involves analysing information about threats while generating guidance on how to neutralise such risks. There are four main goals stemming from CTI programs: threat detection, threat prevention, threat response and threat mitigation.

Risk-based cybersecurity management is a growing technology. As these programs progress, they are beginning to shift toward prevention by combining threat intelligence with threat scenarios. The approach combines modelled external threats with controls to define and assess these threat scenarios.

Effective risk-based cybersecurity ensures an organisation’s compliance with requirements, objectives, standards, and guidelines. Due to the complexity of threat-led control testing, this understanding requires highly qualified red teams that provide insights into cyber risks through offensive hunting investigations.

Conversely, blue teams design defensive measures against red team’s pursuits. Blue teams conduct systematic examinations of cybersecurity controls to understand efficiency, identify flaws, and predict the effectiveness of security controls.

Linking CTI (red team) with threat scenarios (blue team) provides a predictive model enabling true proactive cyber defense. Cybersecurity purple teams work in unison with red and blue teams to maximise effectiveness. This is done by integrating defensive tactics from the blue team, alongside the threats found by the red team, into a single plot to maximise both.

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