emt Distribution brings iboss Zero Trust cloud security platform to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong

iboss Zero Trust Edge Reduces Cyber Risk, Prevents Breaches & Data Loss

Adelaide, Australia – 28 February 2022: Cybersecurity specialist, emt Distribution, a Crayon company, today announced that it has signed an Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong distribution agreement with iboss, the leading Zero Trust cloud security provider.

Wide scale digital transformation has changed the way we navigate business. Organisations are adopting more cloud technologies than ever before, calling for re-evaluation of existing cyber security strategies. With the advent of remote work, users are no longer located within the four walls of the office, making legacy hardware-based security far less effective.

iboss enables modern, distributed workforces to connect securely and directly to all applications from wherever they work. Built on a proprietary containerised architecture designed 100% for the cloud, the iboss platform secures users’ access to cloud-based services or private cloud resources from anywhere.

The iboss Zero Trust Edge is being used by organisations worldwide to implement the Zero Trust architecture defined in the influential NIST 800-207 special publication. Due to its containerised cloud architecture, iboss is the only platform that can control what the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology refers to as the “Implicit Trust Zone” to ensure that all resources, such as applications, data and services, are protected and are inaccessible without going through the iboss Zero Trust Edge.

emt Distribution is building iboss’s partner ecosystem in the region using a 100% two-tier distribution model. Channel partners, MSPs and MSSPs can take advantage of emt Distribution’s value-added services to complement their own areas of expertise. Value-added services include pre and post-sales support, channel development, engaged sales processes and marketing assistance.

“The global pandemic, with the shift to hybrid work and cloud environments, has forced organisations to look beyond traditional security approaches,” said Richard Rundle, Group Executive, emt Distribution. “The iboss Zero Trust Edge Cloud Platform meets an urgent requirement for organisations and reseller partners to manage new cybersecurity risks and enable this shift.”

“We are proud to partner with emt Distribution to help organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong not only meet their security needs, but also prepare for the future,” said Paul Martini, CEO and co-founder, iboss. “With the iboss Zero Trust Edge, organisations can adopt a Zero Trust architecture which protects resources regardless of location, while allowing approved users to access those resources from wherever they work. This greatly reduces an organisation’s cyber risk while increasing their security posture exponentially.”

Without fast and secure connectivity to cloud applications from anywhere, the cloud revolution would not be possible. With iboss, users are always connected to the cloud, regardless of device or location, to ensure all internet traffic is secured for compliance, web filtering, malware defence and data loss at all times. Since iboss lives in the cloud, security goes where users go with elastic and instant scaling to meet the demands of the cloud-first future. iboss ensures fast, secure and direct connections to applications from anywhere.

About iboss

iboss is a cloud security company that enables organizations to reduce cyber risk by delivering a Zero Trust service designed to protect resources and users in the modern distributed world. Applications, data and services have moved to the cloud and are located everywhere while users needing access to those resources are working from anywhere. Built on a containerized cloud architecture, iboss delivers security capabilities such as SWG, malware defense, browser isolation, CASB and data loss prevention to protect all resources, via the cloud, instantaneously and at scale. This shifts the focus from protecting buildings to protecting people and resources wherever they are located. Leveraging a purpose-built cloud architecture backed by 230+ issued and pending patents and more than 100 points of presence globally, iboss processes over 150 billion transactions daily, blocking 4 billion threats per day. More than 4,000 global enterprises trust the iboss Cloud Platform to support their modern workforces, including a large number of Fortune 50 companies. iboss was named one of the Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies by The Software Report, one of the 25 highest-rated Private Cloud Computing Companies to work for by Battery Ventures, and CRN’s Top 20 Coolest Cloud Security Companies of 2022. To learn more, visit https://www.iboss.com/

About emt Distribution

emt Distribution is an Adelaide-based value added distributor and vendor representative with a presence in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, UAE and South Africa. Acquired by Crayon in 2021, emt offers cyber security solutions that address the top four mitigation strategies to prevent cyber security incidents, the broader strategies in the Australian Government’s Information Security Manual (ISM) and solutions to address Cyber Threat Management. emt Distribution assists channel partners, MSPs and MSSPs to deliver cyber security solutions their customers need. emt offers pre and post-sales support, channel development, engaged sales processes and marketing assistance for both vendors and channel partners. See: www.emtdist.com.

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