emt Distribution signs Layer 8 Security to address the human dimension of cyber risk prevention

Reseller partners can offer first fully measurable Security Behaviour Framework and Cyber Escape Room training adventures in Australia, New Zealand and Asia

Adelaide, Australia – 18 February 2020: Cyber security software specialist, emt Distribution, today announced an agreement with Australian company, Layer 8 Security to offer a complete suite of security awareness solutions leveraging progressive training techniques to effectively improve human response to cyber attacks.


Layer 8 Security developed the first fully measurable Security Behaviour Framework and Cyber Escape Room training adventures in Australia, New Zealand and Asia as part of its security awareness suite. These address the shortcomings of traditional security awareness training programs which typically tick a compliance box without effectively preventing cyber attacks.


“Security awareness training should be more than an annual one-size-fits-all computer-based training course and a simulated social engineering attack,” said Robert de Haan, CEO and Founder of Layer 8 Security. “To truly address the human dimension of cyber risk prevention, measurements of each individuals’ attitude, behaviour, culture and knowledge must be taken into account.”


Layer 8 Security’s Security Behaviour Framework employs a cyclical model of assessment, education, reinforcement, and measurement. Individuals are tested at different times from receiving training, for example, to properly understand how they have progressed. “Our framework has helped our customers change behaviours within their organisations and reduce the damage caused by cyber criminals, malware infections and phishing attacks by up to 90%,” said de Haan.


Layer 8 Security’s Cyber Escape Room training adventures, like other parts of the solutions suite, address local standards, requirements and cyber risks. Embedded lessons cover areas such as passwords, physical security, remote access and mobile devices. They also function as team building events and dramatically improve knowledge retention which can be as low as 5-10% using computer-based training alone.


“Knowledge retention is key to a successful cyber security awareness program,” said Scott Hagenus, CMO for emt Distribution. “Government initiatives and compliance regimes often recommend or require cyber security awareness training. But if you want this stuff to stick, and get an actual improvement in cyber risk prevention, Layer 8 Security is a better choice.”


Under the agreement, emt Distribution will execute a 100% channel strategy and expand Layer 8 Security’s existing base of IT Security resellers in Australia, and recruit partners in New Zealand and Asia as well. emt is implementing a broad channel program with ongoing lead generation and pre-sales support. This builds on the channel program created by Layer 8 Security when it moved to a 100% channel sales model in 2019.


The security awareness training market exceeds A$1.5 billion globally with annual growth of about 13%, according to research firm Gartner. Layer 8 Security doubled staff numbers and more than doubled revenues in the last year. “I expect that growth to accelerate with the partnership between Layer 8 Security and emt Distribution,” said de Haan.


As well as receiving additional revenue with healthy margins in a growing segment of the cyber security market, Layer 8 Security partners benefit in other ways.


The company’s Security Behaviour Framework includes a gap analysis which identifies issues partners can address through other cyber security solutions. This deepens customer engagement and leads to additional business opportunities. Partners also receive cyber security awareness training as part of their enablement program, helping to give them a good understanding of how their customers will benefit.


About emt Distribution

emt Distribution is an Adelaide-based value added distributor and vendor representative with a presence in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, UAE and South Africa. It also works closely with like-minded distributors in the UK, Netherlands and Germany. emt offers cyber security solutions that address the top four mitigation strategies to prevent cyber security incidents, the broader strategies in the Australian Government’s Information Security Manual (ISM) and solutions to address Cyber Threat Management.


emt Distribution assists channel partners, MSPs and MSSPs to deliver cyber security solutions their customers need. emt offers pre and post-sales support, channel development, engaged sales processes and marketing assistance for both vendors and channel partners. See: www.emtdist.com


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