Stop WannaCry

According to Dan Tehan, Assistant Minister for cyber-security, ransomware costs Australia in excess of 1 Billion dollars a year.

That’s not chump change.  And while the flood continues with the latest WannaCry/WannaCrypt hitting Europe with a vengeance, there is no need to throw the arms in the air and give up.  While AntiVirus is important, it isn’t the silver bullet. In fact there isn’t one.  But there are mitigation techniques that when combined make one heck of defense.  While Ransomware is evolving, it isn’t something that can’t be stopped.  WannaCry, Petya, NotPetya and a myriad of other Ransomware variants and strains can be stopped.

emt Distribution helps you layer your defense to give you the best possible threat mitigation strategy against ransomware.