Refirm Labs Signs emt Distribution

emt Distribution brings ReFirm Labs to Australia and New Zealand to counter growing cyber threats to devices and the IoT

Agreement allows reseller partners to offer Centrifuge Platform™ to secure Internet-connected devices from routers and security cameras to light bulbs

Adelaide, Australia – 23 April 2019: Cyber security software specialist, emt Distribution, today announced an agreement with U.S.-based ReFirm Labs to bring its Centrifuge Platform™ to Australia and New Zealand for vetting, validation and monitoring of organisations’ firmware security.


emt Distribution will execute a 100% channel strategy in the region, working with partners to market and support the Centrifuge Platform so organisations can counter the cyber threat to growing numbers of Internet-connected devices from routers and security cameras to light bulbs and refrigerators.


According to ReFirm Labs, cyber security standards have not kept pace with rapid Internet of Things (IoT) adoption. Firmware within devices is vulnerable to attacks that are difficult to predict or protect against, placing an organisation’s customers, finances and reputation at risk. Current security measures don’t effectively protect firmware, and fail to proactively address vulnerabilities before it’s too late.


Among the challenges faced by organisations is meeting the demand for IoT devices with the confidence that they do not pose a security risk. The entry of ReFirm Labs into the region closes this security gap for enterprises, government agencies and operators of critical infrastructure.


ReFirm Labs’ Centrifuge Platform gives organisations confidence in the security of their devices and IoT deployments. With no source code required, continuous monitoring, API integration and actionable reporting, organisations can address IoT vulnerability concerns, and make informed purchasing and deployment decisions.


“ReFirm Labs lines up with our focus on sourcing and delivering innovative solutions for cyber security vulnerabilities that mainstream technologies don’t address,” said Scott Hagenus, CMO at emt Distribution. “The fact that organisations with a heavy reliance on IoT devices can vet firmware images for vulnerabilities in around 30 minutes, without requiring source code, brings confidence to the choices they make.”


Channel partners looking to lower the cyber risks of organisations reliant on potentially vulnerable devices can leverage emt Distribution’s resources to assist with everything from discovery meetings to demonstrations, pre-sales engineering and solutions implementation.


“emt Distribution’s knowledge of the cyber security market, long-term relationships with channel partners and technical expertise give us the capability to meet the growing demand for firmware security solutions in Australia and New Zealand,” said Derick Naef, CEO at ReFirm Labs.


“emt Distribution is delighted to add device and IoT firmware security to our broad cyber security solutions set,” said Richard Rundle, CEO at emt Distribution. “ReFirm Lab’s entry into the region gives our channel partners and their customers access to a new level of cyber security sophistication and maturity in an area that is often overlooked.”


About ReFirm Labs
ReFirm Labs provides the industry’s first IoT and firmware security solutions that proactively vet, validate and continuously monitor IoT devices for hidden threats. Its flagship product, Centrifuge Platform®, detects and reports potential zero-day exploits, hidden crypto keys, backdoor passwords and known vulnerabilities in IoT devices without needing access to source code. ReFirm Labs’ technology has been proven to provide the insight and intelligence needed for users to proactively defend connected devices and maintain compliance and the integrity of supply chain security. Founded by a team of former NSA offensive cyber operators, ReFirm Labs is trusted by government agencies and Fortune 500 companies that operate in a wide variety of industries, including: telecommunications, cloud infrastructure and data centers, automotive, health care, utilities and manufacturing. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @ReFirmLabs.


About emt Distribution

emt Distribution is an Adelaide-based value added distributor and vendor representative with a presence in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, UAE and South Africa. It also works closely with like-minded distributors in the UK, Netherlands and Germany. emt offers cyber security solutions that address the top four mitigation strategies to prevent cyber security incidents, the broader strategies in the Australian Government’s Information Security Manual (ISM) and solutions to address Cyber Threat Management.


emt Distribution assists channel partners, MSPs and MSSPs to deliver cyber security solutions their customers need. emt offers pre and post-sales support, channel development, engaged sales processes and marketing assistance for both vendors and channel partners. See:


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