Orchestra Group’s Harmony solutions manage protection, prevent malicious WiFi, Bluetooth and IoT threats, and continuously test cybersecurity controls!

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Adelaide, Australia – 12 April 2021: Cybersecurity specialist, emt Distribution, now part of rhipe, today announced that Israel-based Orchestra Group – which provides cybersecurity platforms for seamless cybersecurity management and operations – has expanded its reach to include Australia, New Zealand and APAC, with a new distribution agreement.

emt Distribution, a leading value-added distributor, offers cybersecurity solutions that address the Australian Signals Directorate’s top four mitigation strategies – dubbed Catch, Patch and Match – as well as the broader strategies in the Australian Government’s Information Security Manual (ISM).

emt now offers the full range of Orchestra Group’s Harmony solutions to channel partners, MSPs and MSSPs. They include the Harmony IoT solution, which accurately identifies and prevents, in real-time, malicious airborne threats through the attack surfaces of WiFi, Bluetooth and IoT devices. Harmony IoT provides enterprise-grade defence that quickly and easily identifies, monitors and protects all smart connected devices operating within and around the protected area as well as the ability to comply with related organisational policies and industry regulation.

Meanwhile, Harmony Purple serves as a combined, automated red team and blue team within the organisation’s networks. Harmony Purple provides next generation, enterprise-level security tools that continuously analyse and prioritise the threats, in order to create the most effective cyber risk mitigation strategies.

“Effectively identifying threats against a dispersed wireless network with remote or on-the-move workers, multiple locations and a plethora of connected devices has been almost impossible in the past,” said Scott Hagenus, Senior Sales Manager for emt Distribution. “Orchestra Group’s Harmony IoT makes massive headway into solving this problem.

“Harmony IoT gives full visibility into what networks and devices pose a threat and are interacting with a business’s network of interest. It also provides a defensive capability. The ability to block wireless borne attacks for organisations of all sizes is a huge win,” said Hagenus.

“In addition, Harmony Purple’s ability to test the effectiveness of security controls and their weak points allows organisations to continuously adjust their defences for the best security posture achievable with their current infrastructure.”

The new partnership with emt Distribution further extends Orchestra’s distribution network which already covers the EMEA, North America and South America regions.

“Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific are focus markets in Orchestra Group’s growth plan,” said Yair Poplawski, GM of Orchestra’s APAC branch. “emt Distribution represents all the qualities we are looking for in a value-added distributor. It has a highly experienced team with a thorough understanding of the unique needs of users in the region as well as strong professional chain of resellers to support them. This new partnership is an important step in building our presence in the region.”

“emt Distribution is delighted to add Orchestra’s Harmony Platform and security solutions to our cybersecurity portfolio,” said Richard Rundle, CEO of emt Distribution. “Australian and New Zealand CISOs are facing an increasingly complex threat landscape as they try to protect their organisations. Offering these services to MSPs and MSSPs looking to further assist their clients improve their cyber security posture with tangible results will help strengthen their position as trusted security partners.”

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